Gosha Greens recently hired a temporary worker, Rolex, this past month. We quickly learned that Rolex was an interesting 27-year-old man with a delightful story and insight on life to share.

He was born and raised on the Dutch-settled island of Curaçao, just 40 miles north of Venezuela. Rolex graduated from the engineering school on the island after completing the strenuous five-year program. He worked in the engineering field for two years but never found any joy in it.

“I was introduced to scuba, became a certified instructor, and soon found myself spending more time in my “backyard” ocean than at work. Scuba brought me the enjoyment I had been missing,” Rolex explained.

He soon left the engineering industry to work full-time as a scuba instructor on Curaçao. He traveled all over the Carribean islands and to the United States to continue his scuba education and experience all the beauty the ocean has to offer. Even though he made less money as a scuba instructor compared to an engineer, he didn’t mind because he had finally found his passion. Scuba was his new addiction! However, his HR department told him he had to take a holiday right away or else he would lose all the time off he had accumulated.

So, Rolex begrudgingly hopped a plane to Miami this past February for 45 days to stay with his uncle in Homestead, FL. But with Rolex being who he is, he couldn’t just sit around all day. He wasn’t interested in relaxing at the beach or sightseeing. Rolex wanted to stay in shape, make some money, and learn a new trade.

One day, his uncle was visiting the same nursery that Gosha Greens owner, Kevin, was also at hunting for plants. Kevin asked Rolex’s uncle if he knew anyone looking for work, and he knew just the guy!

Rolex went to work for Kevin right away on Gosha Green’s newest project: developing the land for the new nursery. Rolex immediately learned that this line of work was not for the faint of heart.

“On my first day, I felt so sick after only a few hours because I had run five miles before I got there. But after some rest, I was able to get back to it,” Rolex described.

He found himself humbled by how strong, diligent, and interesting his fellow co-workers were. They all had a story to share and a different view on life from all over the world – just like him. He noticed a sense of community among the untold stories and friendships.

Rolex helped replant and organize all of the plants in the nursery to ensure they each get the sun and irrigation needed to thrive. He also assisted in the installation of the pea gravel and mobile office this past week. It hasn’t been the most glamorous line of work in the dirt and under the hot sun all day, but Rolex knew what they were doing was important. And although he will be leaving to go back to Curaçao at the end of March, he believes what Kevin and Gosha Greens are doing is something special.

“The new nursery looks amazing. Kevin has invested so much time, energy, and effort into his company. I know that he has something great here, and I just appreciate all he has done for me.”