When we describe what we do at Gosha Greens to our family, friends, and (most importantly) potential customers, we often hear, “So you’re just the middleman between the nurseries and your clients?” While that is partially true, Gosha Greens is so much more than that! We are your one-stop-shop for ALL of your plant purchasing needs. Here is why working with a plant buyer is not just a convenience but also a necessity:

Save Time

Individual nurseries and growers won’t carry ALL of the plants on your list. Without a plant buyer, you would have to research, contact, quote, and visit dozens of nurseries to find all the plants and material you need. Instead, let your plant buyer do the leg work. Just send us your plant list with the quantities you need, and we’ll take care of the rest.

Save Money

Not only does Gosha Greens provide you with a FREE quote based on your plant list, but delivery is included in the total price of your order. You’ll save gas, mileage, and manpower because we come to YOU. We’ll also hunt around and negotiate the best prices for each plant so you’ll always be purchasing the best-priced material from all of our preferred vendors.

Our Relationships

Gosha Greens only works with the best nurseries and growers in the area. We’ve established solid and reliable relationships in order to find the highest quality plants for our customers. We use our list of preferred vendors who specialize in specific sizes and species to deliver even the rarest plants our customers need.

Our Expertise

Owner and Head Plant Buyer Kevin Kalantari lives and breathes PLANTS! He has been running Gosha Greens since 2013 and has helped his family in the plant industry since he was a child. Kevin is a plant quality expert and can provide suggestions for your plant list to ensure that you purchase what you may not even know you need.

Our Guarantee

Gosha Greens will only select and deliver the healthiest, premium plants available. Our drivers will review each plant with you upon delivery, and if you are not satisfied with the quality, we will find a better option at no additional cost to you.