The first two months have made for an exciting beginning of 2019 for Gosha Greens! Once we finalized the purchase of our 1.3 acres of land at the corner of 217th Avenue and 248th Street in Homestead, FL, we hit the ground running.

We immediately installed an irrigation system with sprinklers and made sure to lay down ground covering to protect the future inventory from any weeds. Next, we installed the fence around the property and a gate at the entrance. A convenient benefit to having this land is being able to park and store our trucks and equipment there. And now, we have stocked the property with hundreds of robellini, clusia, and seagrape plants, which are thriving in their new home.

“Not only was I looking for a place to work outside of my home, but I noticed a trend among our customers: there is a high demand for the same common plants and material,” said Gosha Greens owner, Kevin Kalantari. “So instead of sourcing the same plants repeatedly, I wanted to find a place to store and even grow our own inventory.”

So what’s next for the newly developed Gosha Greens nursery? We’ll be “laying down roots” with the installation of our mobile office structure soon. We also plan to pour some pea gravel to create a driveway and walking path. The final stage will be printing and installing our signage. Then, we will be open for business, so stay tuned!

The Gosha Greens nursery is located at 24799 SW 217th Avenue, Homestead, FL 33031. Feel free to stop by and say hi!