Gosha Greens has been growing in leaps and bounds the past few months. From our three new employees to a new product line to the addition of a second nursery, we want to share all the amazing gains we’ve been experiencing lately.

New Hires

We found that hiring skilled salespeople was the best way for us to scale our business. It has helped our owner, Kevin, to separate himself from the day-to-day tasks and focus on the big picture – creating opportunities for his staff to succeed. He identified the right people for the positions and sought out the best in the industry. Kevin knew that making the financial sacrifice of adding staff was worth the end result of scaling the business and increasing overall revenue. Our three new hires include:

Sonia: We hired Sonia initially as a salesperson, but she quickly became a jack-of-all-trades. She focuses on dispatching our drivers – where to pick up material and where to deliver it. She also handles the bills of lading, invoices, checks, and most importantly, customer requests. She keeps all requests organized and responds to every inquiry in a timely fashion so that nothing is looked over.

Tracy: Tracy is our quality assurance specialist – making sure all the material we source is simply the best. She goes to every grower and nursery to tag all material – big or small. Tracy reviews each plant or tree in person and decides if it is up to our high standards. She gives Gosha Greens the edge in comparison to other plant buyers.

Brii: When you think “Brii,” you should think “Sales, sales, sales!” She is the sales queen! Brii completes all cold calls, follow-ups, interfacing with customers, sales email campaigns, and text message campaigns. Brii is taking on more marketing responsibilities as she continues to dominate her sales tasks.

Interior Plants

Gosha Greens has decided to not only source exterior landscape material but to “go indoors” and also include interior houseplants as another product line. We will now be purchasing, consolidating, and shipping interior plants for garden centers and interiorscapers nationwide. However, our interior process will be different than our exterior process. Instead of customers sending us their plant list, we will provide an availability list on our website of all the interior plants we offer. This list will be updated weekly to stay current and offer the best quality as we do with our exterior plants. Stay tuned for this on our website in the next several weeks!

Second Nursery

And finally, Kevin’s father has purchased a 20-acre nursery in Gainesville, FL. This land will be used as a long-term investment for field-grown, native plant material to be used in landscaping. He will purchase 3-7G trees, plant them, and care for them with the irrigation drip system until they are mature. Some of the material he is growing includes oak trees, magnolia trees, hollies, cypress, and oleanders.

October 23, 2019

Great blog! Good luck on the expansion to be the best plant broker in America!

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