Since we’ve opened our nursery location in Homestead earlier this year, we’ve been enjoying the ease and benefits of tending to and growing our own plants. One specific plant that we’ve loved to have on the property is the green island ficus. It is beloved by landscapers and homeowners alike for creating a beautiful and full hedge.

However, Gosha Greens’ green island ficus is one-of-a-kind. The mother bush is grown off-site at one of our grower partner’s locations. This stunning mother bush is extremely healthy and was grown with mass production in mind. While most growers only use 3-4 cuttings per pot, we plant 6-7 cuttings in each 3G pot to ensure growth and fullness. Also, our cuttings are already at 12” planted height, so they look very mature and ready for installation immediately.

Once the cuttings are secure in their 3G pots, we transport them to our nursery where we get to watch the miracle of them flushing out and really come to life. We’re even constructing a hoop house on the property to protect the green island ficus from the heavy summer rain. The hoop house will allow sunlight to stream in but will use mist irrigation to nourish each plant. We’ve found that as long as we take gentle care of them, the green island ficus is very easy to maintain since they are from a high-quality mother bush and cuttings to begin with.

And the feedback we’ve received has been overwhelming! We’ve delivered thousands of the green island ficus this season alone, and each customer has said the plants are remarkable. Gosha Greens has been honored and humbled to nurture this lovely plant at our nursery this season and hopefully for many years to come.