Gosha Greens recently worked with a young landscaper new to the industry, and he told us about some of the challenges he’s been facing with scaling his business. We found the experience interesting and wanted to share it with our community.

This landscaper first found us on Instagram (@goshagreens), and we messaged back and forth with him a bit to discover his plant needs and develop a proposal. He was deep in his busy season, trying to complete all of his installation projects during the spring before summer in Florida began. He initially needed a small order, but that didn’t matter to us because we will source and deliver any size order. He was looking for shorter, thicker plants as compared to tall, thin ones. He said he was picky, but his customers were even more so.

As we completed our sourcing and pricing research, he was very pleased with the selection of plants we found. Then, the discussion of delivery came up. Gosha Greens always offers our customers two delivery options: we can include delivery in the order with a small increase in price per plant, or we can break out delivery as a separate cost.

But the landscaper was hesitant. He questioned the very benefit of delivery. Why would he pay for delivery when he could do it himself? Soon, he was getting caught up in the minutia and distracted by tiny details. However, our owner, Kevin, could hear what the real issue was: fear. The landscaper feared the cost of growing and scaling his business. Kevin had experienced this same fear himself when growing Gosha Greens.

Kevin explained to the landscaper how outsourcing the purchasing and delivery of his plants would not only save precious time, but his other employees would be able to stay on site and focus on the customer. The cost of delivery was nothing compared to the time he was buying. The landscaper needed to value his time over his bottom line.

In the end, he trusted Kevin and Gosha Greens to deliver on everything as promised. The next day, the landscaper was sending pictures of the installed plants and gushing about how happy he and his customers were. He will certainly be a repeat customer, but we are even more proud that Gosha Greens was able to instill the confidence in the young landscaper to move forward instead of staying stuck. Gosha Greens looks forward to partnering with other landscapers to help grow and scale their businesses. Contact us today if you need help with scaling or know someone who does!