One industry topic Gosha Greens comes across often and more recently has everything to do with landscaping inspections. Why are they important? Well, you can plan, source, purchase, and install all of your plant material, but if you don’t pass the landscape inspection, then you’ve got a serious problem.

Landscapers, contractors, and homeowners alike all need to adhere to regulations as specified by the particular county the project is taking place. While each county’s rules are different and very, we’ve found that conservation and safety are usually a constant.

Most counties like to see thoughtful ways in which to conserve energy, i.e. planting shady trees near streets, sidewalks, and parking spaces. Conserving water is also of the utmost importance especially in Florida. Using low-water planting and irrigation outlays is favored by most landscape inspectors.

At the same time, any fire or erosion risks have to be taken seriously. Be sure to use an anti-flammable irrigation system and design to reduce any fire dangers. Erosion will be judged by the amount of disturbance on the property, surrounding land, and any re-vegetation.

In the end, the county and landscape inspector will want to see that the overall design enhances the curb appeal for the land and any adjacent properties. In our next blog article in this series, we’ll review how to select the right material with your landscaping inspection in mind.