Shopping from nursery to nursery, grower to grower is Gosha Greens’ specialty. However, that search for the perfect balance between quality, quantity, and price can pose diverse challenges for us that our customers don’t typically realize. While we gather your plants and trees into one, tidy order, there are hours of research and labor that go into each delivery.

First, consistent quality is our number one priority on all orders – large and small. Depending on the type of plant we’re searching for, the location of the grower (North Florida climate vs. South Florida climate) can be significant.

Then, we may find excellent quality but that grower doesn’t have enough of that specific plant to complete the order. We’ll have to continue shopping with another grower to find enough of that plant. Or, we can go to a high production grower for more quantity, but sometimes the plants we find there can be overgrown, too tall, or leggy. Ideally, we’re looking for the right growth stage for the pot the plant is in.

Finally, the price at each grower has to be within the ideal margin for us to operate and to provide what’s fair for our customers. Our price list always includes the travel and research we put in when sourcing each plant.

So what is the solution for striking the balance between quality, quantity, and price? Our industry experience and relationships with our trusted nursery and grower partners! Our team at Gosha Greens has been around long enough to know exactly who to go to for every type of plant and tree. After years and years, we’ve built strong relationships with local nurseries and growers to ensure the perfect trifecta of quality, quantity, and price. At the end of the day, there is no way around it – our experience is what keeps our customers happy and lets us continue to serve the landscaping community!

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