When it comes to plant quality checks, Gosha Greens has a very simple equation for each nursery we work with. While inspecting the plants our customers need, we look at their fullness, height, and color. But what does that mean exactly?

Fullness: Every plant we supply must be full and not leggy. We don’t want plants to look untidy or spindly.

Height: The height we are looking for is dictated by the landscaper or architect. The plants can’t be too short or too young.

Color: A good, bright color indicates the health of the plant.

However, our equation for finding top quality plants all depends on when the orders come in and the plants’ stages of growth. In the end, we’re really at the mercy of the nurseries and their planting schedules. Nurseries plant certain material at different times of the year. It’s up to Gosha Greens to use our vast experience to get a good idea of what the nurseries grow, when, and how often. After years of working with our nursery partners, we know exactly which one to go to for certain plants and specific fullness, height, and color.

February 6, 2020

Best plant locator around.Very professional and make every effort to make customers happy

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