The Calophyllum tree, also known as the Brazilian beauty leaf, is the latest craze in South Florida. Gosha Greens just received a ton of this gorgeous tree in stock, and we wanted to share some creative planting techniques and interesting facts about the tree itself.

We suspect the Calophyllum’s recent popularity has everything to do with how easy it is to care for. The tree is salt-tolerant, so it can live anywhere in south Florida, especially near the beach. The Calophyllum loves the tropical climate and doesn’t make a mess with lost leaves everywhere. All in all, it is a low-maintenance, beautiful standard tree.

Our favorite use of the Calophyllum is with a hedge. We recently sourced some clusia and Calophyllum for a combo-hedge project with a landscaper, and he loved the dynamic use of both together. The clusia was installed first, and then behind that row, the Calophyllum was planted so that the top of the clusia was where the bottom of the Calophyllum began. Over time, the leaves of the two would grow together to create a blended overall look with contrast and dimension unlike anything we’ve seen before.

Gosha Greens saw this increasing trend and jumped at the chance to get as many Calophyllum trees at our nursery as we could. In the 45 gallon pot, they stand between 12 and 14 feet with a 2-inch caliper and 6-foot spread. With the growing popularity of this tree comes a scarcity of it in South Florida, so call us today to get your hands on the always stunning Calophyllum!