Last week, a wholesaler, who also owns a nursery, called us and was primarily interested in our plant buying services. He was in search of a few specific trees that Gosha Greens would need to source as a special order. Ultimately, as a wholesaler, he preferred to buy directly from the grower.

Our owner, Kevin, could hear that the wholesaler’s actual pain point was not sourcing the trees but transporting them. When it comes to transporting plants, most businesses have two options: 1) spend their valuable time driving their own vehicle(s) to and from the grower or 2) hire a third-party freight company to do the plant transportation.

While third-party freight companies offer fairly reasonable fees, it only makes sense to use one if you have a full load of plants to transport. For this wholesaler, he only needed a few trees picked up and dropped off. Lucky for him, Gosha Greens offers a sort of “à la carte” delivery service.

Since we source and deliver orders of any size all throughout Florida, we often have space in our trucks to do one-off, pick-ups and deliveries for businesses who have already purchased only a few trees or plants. We like to combine multiple smaller orders into one truckload. It’s a convenient win-win for both our customers and Gosha Greens.

Kevin explained our delivery service to the wholesaler, and he was thrilled. The best part is that our delivery prices are a fraction compared to a third-party freight company, and you can trust we will take excellent care of your plants because Gosha Greens knows plants!